Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dancin', in the moooonlight. :)

So. Steampunk.
Everyone lalaloooooves steampunk, and really, who can blame 'em? It's a pretty sick subgenre. Old-fashioned chivalry, daring steam engines, Ironclads, mechs, clockwork animals... what's not to love?
WRITING IT, THAT'S WHAT. It's a pain in the friggin' butt to have to write down all the stuff you wanna put in your steampunk novel. Why write it down, you might ask, if you're mentally NOT THERE or just don't know me that well. Why both writing something down if it's annoying?
OR I'LL FORGET TO PUT IT IN THE NOVEL. THEN I HAVE TO REWRITE IT ALL OVER AGAIN. I mean, ICK. Rewrites suck hard enough without forgotten details muddling up the whole situation.
But it's pretty fun to imagine my new underground city of Lesser London. It's gonna be saaaweeeeet. Hopefully. If I don't crap out of it and abandon it like I've abandoned all my other projects.... I mean, AHEM I FINISH EVERYTHING I START.
Mebbe I should think this over. :o I really don't wanna leave poor ol' Jonny hangin' like this in the Glass Divide. o_O

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eat deh Smarties.

Mmmmmm, dee-lishus <3
I had an extremely furious debate today -- which was better, Smarties or M&Ms?
Pershonally, I like myself some M&Ms. They have a yummy tanginess, er somethin', that is jus' incomparable to Smarties, no matter what fabulous blue kitty cats they have in their commercials c;

I've come to the conclusion that blogging is pointless. Who be I talkin' to, anyways? I can ramble an' ramble an' ramble some more, but it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. I mean, s'not like it's going to change anything. And it's DEF not doin' anythin' to help meet my goal of finishing Going Endside by June =P
Short post today. Bad day fo' me.
As a friend o' mine says,
Katharine owt,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our WHOOOOOLE universe was in a HOTDENSESTATE...

... then nearly fourteen billion years ago, expansion started!.. WAIT.
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began t'drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
Math. science, history,
Unraveling the mysteries
That all started with the Big Bang

Hehe, funny show :3
I am, OF COURSE, talkin' about The Big Bang Theory. ZE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD.
It's like an intelligent comedy, which AS it turns out if extremely difficult to come by, featuring two nerdy physicists an' their hot female neighbour. LOL. FUNNY SHOW.

Sheldon: "Don't be ridiculous, you love trains."

Sheldon: "Don't you worry about the residual radium from the luminous dials!?
Raj: I didn't, UNTIL NOW!"
Sheldon: "And DAMN, I forgot my Geiger counter!!"
Raj: *snaps*
Sheldon: "I'm just kidding! God, you'd think I'd leave it behind!?"
When the entire nerd herd is assembled, it's like a laff riot HAHAHAHAA <3

Leonard: "What's the secret?"
Sheldon (after taking a handful of Valium): "Mom smokes in the car. Jesus is okay with it but WE CAN'T TELL DAD!!!!"
*hums theme to self*
Soooo, my birthday was on Tuesday :3 And I got the FIRST THREE SEASONS OF THE BIG BANG THEORY, which I have been watching nonstop. I also got THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS WORTH OF CHAPTERS CARDS <3<3<3 WHICH ALSO MEANS I'VE GOT BOOKS.
Any suggestions, for those of youses who actually read mah ramblings? :3
Latah gatahs,
-Katharine the perfectly cute

Friday, November 19, 2010

Subwoofers, Criminal Minds, and Dog Pee. Whatalife.

I am at a loss of what to blog about. That be kinda weird for me, cus I'm pretty good at ramblin' once I get started. I guess it's gettin' started that I has dificulties with. Maybe.
So, I went for a walk today.
Nice walk was nice.
But THEN, my dawgs pulled outta mah hand and peed all over my neighbours lawn. An' my fat dawg peed on my skinny dawg's head, and I had to wrestle him into the bathtub to get him not smellin' of pee.
So I had to wash a dawg full of pee with TWO blisters on my left foot.
SO. I'm sittin' here, tendin' my battle wounds, with a wet dawg on my lap and scratchin' my legs up, watching Criminal Minds.
MAN I LALALOVE CRIMINAL MINDS. I luff Reid :3 He makes me so happy <3
He's autistic, too.
Which got meh thinkin' (a dangerous pasttime, I know).
I Googled an Asperger's (Autism) test, to see if I had an symptoms, and HEY, I scored a 38, which is apparently a warning sign.
I have a Science Fair project that I had to do, and I'm doin' it on Non-Newtonian Fluids vs. Newtonian Fluids, which is all very awesome, because Non-Newtonian Fluids can dance if ya put 'em on top of a bass speaker playing a subwoofer on HIGH =D And I'm gonna fill up an inflatable pool with Corn starch and water mixture, and have  NON-NEWTONIAN FLUID POOL PARTAY ^_^
Kay. That be my day, in a nutshell.
Signin' off,
-katharine, from Canada, where deh moose are c;

Sunday, November 14, 2010

If it can go wrong...

K. So. We've all heard of Murphy's Law, right? Riiiiight.
ALRIGHT. For those of youses who are unawares, Murphy was a scientist. Bein' a scientist, he often failed at stuff because o n e l i t t l e t h i n g would go wrong, er somethin'. Soooo, his law states that "If something can go wrong, it will!"
I had a problem today. I was sittin' on the back of a chair. Now, according to Murphy's Law, I should have fallen backwards, cracked my head off the floor, suffered fatal brain damage, and either wound up a veggie-table or dead, depending on which you consider worse, per se :o
I'm still alive :3
Or am I..?
*Twilight Zone theme plays in background*
HAHAHA jk, jk. I'm alive. Or so they tell me.
SO. What does that mean for poor ol' Murphy?
Fail scientist fails.

AHEM. Movin' on...
Someone asked me today where the word BRRRRRRRAP comes from. The answer? SHAKE, BY THE YING YANG TWINS, FEATURIN' PITBULL, DUDES AN' DOLLS c;
Gogogo. Watch it. Love it. Mock it. Then be brrrrrrappin', like me (;
OH, right. Anon's request >.><.<
Peace, buds an' betties. Have a noice week.
- katharine

Friday, November 12, 2010


IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Yes, mah beloved bloggers an' bloggettes, it's the holli-day season once more <3
BUT BUT BUT -- what comes approximately ONE MONTH BEFORE CHRISTMAS??
My birthday. ADUH :3 November twenty third, ya animals =D =D
So, my mom asked me what I wanted... and I made a really not good realization.
I DON'T NEED ANYTHIN'. So I told her I wanted books.
She sighed and stamped her feet and rolled 'er eyes. "Just ask for something frivolous for once, Katharine!"
FRIVOLITIES. What am I s'posed to do with makeup or thousand thread count sheets or new nail polish? I can buy black eyeliner and mascara fro twenty bucks at Shoppers, and it works the same as the expensive shiznit from MontrĂ©al. And new sheets and blue nail polish. WHEN DO I HAVE TIME TO PAINT MY FRIGGIN' NAILS?
Uh, like never. Then I smudge 'em and bump 'em and get blue sticky stuff all over the place and my mom yells at me and it's jus' an awful scene :c
So ya. I generally avoid nail polish.
What else is considered a "frivolity"? Socks? Cus I always thought of those a stockin' stuffers, y'know what I mean? :o
Whatever, mom. When I'm a famous neurologist/editor/publisher/Rockette, we'll talk c;
Um. Just kiddin' 'bout the Rockette part (; I'm too short for that shizz.
Later gators :3 'TIL NEXT TIME<3,
- K a t h a r i n e ;D

PS- I hope mah luffly lil ANON POSTER down there is satisfied with the length of my post this week ;D
PPS- Oh, nevahmind. It's short all over again ;c

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For The Win, baybay c;

Sooo, I'm currently readin' For The Win by Cory Doctorow, and lemme just say, it's AH-MAY-ZHING! However, the entire premise bothers meh a little.
I'm not exactly a Math Genius (that's why I'm a writer) and the concept of livin' in a world where math is all that matters is creepy, to say ze least :o
Imagine. Math is the only thing that can get you anywhere, because in a world of virtual games and virtual money and virtual jobs, math MAKES the world work. Math makes the games, calculates the money, is the reason for the jobs. If you're not good at math, well, you better be happy with a life of mediocre medicrosity >.O
But other than that, the book is deace, although I wish he gave his male characters more flavours besides sarcastic/snooty.
Movin' on... ---------->
Curiousity killed the cat!
Until next time (;
- Katharine FTW !